Are you not joining The Shift but you would still like to meet our speakers, partners and participants in a more social and laid-back environment?

This year The Shift after-party is not just for the conference participants anymore!

Besides the after-party, we also have a special treat for you: The Start-up Horror Story Show!

Join us for a authentic and intimate evening at The Start-up Horror Story Show, with some of the Norwegian founders.
We want to give you the belief and courage to tell the not so glamorous story of real start-up life. The stories are out there.
But The Start-up Horror Story Show goes even deeper. What exactly did they do to go from idea to launch?What was that first step and how did they decide to take it? What went wrong? And what did they learn.

Hear from the courageous founders and get to know about the other stories when they share their Start-up Story.
We will unpack the early beginnings, and uncover those first steps that ultimately led them to where they are today, in good and bad.

Whether you're an entrepreneur who's in the thick of it and not making much progress,or feeling stuck in the fear of failure,not sure if you have what it takes,this event is created for you.

Time: from 17:30

Place: Spaces Calmeyers Gate