November 7th / DOGA Oslo

The Shift 2018 was all about growth hacking and how to scale up your product or startup.

This year we will go deeper into the topic and explore how  specific processes can boost growth.

Do you want to know how you can use data and analytics for efficiency? Or how to choose the right support metrics to guide you towards growth? Or how to build or change a company culture towards growth? How can you brand or rebrand in either a new niche market or on a saturated market?

All our talks and workshops need to ultimately contribute to growth, whether is it the growth of a young startup  or an established company with market presence.

The Start-up Pitch Competition

Learn more about the Boitano Pitch competition here

All you need to know:

Venue: Design og arkitektur Norge (DOGA)

Address: Hausmanns gate 16, 0182 Oslo

Registration: From 7:30

Time: 9:00 -17:00

The Shift Afterparty:  from 17:30 


Brittany Bingham
VP Marketing & Growth at RaiseMe

Growth marketing mindset & quantitative marketing - what data-driven growth marketing actually looks like

Brittany's background has largely been focused on growing and scaling SaaS businesses via testing and marketing channels, along with building growth-oriented teams. 

After several years at SurveyMonkey, most recently as Sr. Director of Growth Marketing overseeing lifecycle marketing across all of their business units, she joined RaiseMe as VP of Marketing & Growth. 

RaiseMe is a mission-driven EdTech startup focused on college readiness that gives students of all backgrounds the ability to earn scholarships from colleges in increments for academic and extracurricular achievements as early as the 9th grade. They’ve enabled 2 million students on their way to realize their college ambitions, and partner with nearly 300 universities.

Brittany also advises startups, speaks at industry conferences, and teaches in growth programs in the Bay Area, California.

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Matthew Barby
Director of Acquisition at HubSpot

Doing More With Less: SEO for Startups

Matthew Howells-Barby is the Director of Acquisition at HubSpot, a leading global SaaS company, and the co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, a private membership SEO community with customers from over 40 different countries.

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Yara Paoli
Chief Growth Officer at Preply

Growth-OS, the operating system for successful long term growth

Currently acting as entrepreneur in residence and growth-OS consultant for various start ups as well as building up a growth methodology and an awesome team for Preply, the online tutoring marketplace.

She was also employee 32 at Skyscanner and she left when the company had over 1000 employees, she was overseeing more than 300 people and the company had been sold for 1.4 Million British pounds.

Her international experience of 15+ years covers the main aspects of building a successful growth organisation: growth strategy development and enablement, change management, team optimisation and upskilling, scalability and sustainability, motivational framework implementation, impactful leadership, channel and product market fit assessment.

She also has a 1st honour degree in Psychology and a master in Communications. This helps her greatly in listening, understanding and working with people more effectively and shaping her leadership style so to focus on the most important aspect of them all: the growth culture.

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Sharon Vosmek
CEO Astia

Creating a sustainable culture of innovation

Sharon Vosmek is the CEO of Astia, a global organization that levels the investment playing field for entrepreneurial teams with women leaders. In this role since 2007, Vosmek oversees and manages Astia’s creative, proven approach to investment that contributes to the success of female entrepreneurs and their ventures.

 Well-regarded around the globe, Ms. Vosmek is known for her opinions, research and commentary on the importance of women leaders as integral to innovation and high-performing entrepreneurial teams.

As a highly sought-after speaker, she has also spoken at the United Nations, the Milken Institute’s Global Conference and California Summit, and given lectures at numerous universities on the topic of building inclusive ecosystems, most notably at Stanford and MIT. Ms. Vosmek lives and works in San Francisco.

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Kremena Tosheva
Business Developer Agera Ventures


Kremena Tosheva is a business developer and a tech evangelist part of the investment team currently curating Agera Ventures portfolio of growth companies. Kremena has a solid experience in building digital and physical communities and been an active force in the Norwegian tech eco-system through her previous job at Oslotech, the managing company of Oslo Science Park. Kremena is the entrepreneur behind one of Norway's largest science and tech business jams - The Cutting Edge festival. Kremena is passionate about building businesses and helping them reach their full potential.

The Agera Group was founded in 2016 with a dual mission to accelerate scale-ups on their growth journey (Agera Venture) and to accelerate established businesses through innovation consulting (Agera Consulting). This hybrid design builds a bridge and actively explores synergies between innovative scale-ups and established corporations.

"We believe that through active ownership and direct involvement in our portfolio companies we increase their chance of success. Our goal is to cover a gap in investments between seed capital and private equity funds."

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Danat Tekie
Chief External Relations YSI


Danat Tekie is a young earthpreneur. She is one of the Co-Founders and the Chief External Relations of the global organisation Young Sustainable Impact (YSI).

YSI is a global organisation working to solve sustainability challenges through entrepreneurship and innovation by gathering the smartest young minds from all over the world to create impact startups from scratch. 

Prior to YSI, Danat was part of building/ developing the organisation Future Leaders Global, which has become the biggest and fastest-growing leadership programme for youth in the Nordics. She is passionate about leadership and making sustainability business as usual.

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Jørn Haanæs
Startup Director for Oslo Business Region

Moderator - The Start-up Horror Story Show

Jørn Haanæs is the Startup Director for Oslo Business Region, the city’s platform for strengthening entrepreneurship. 

Jørn comes from the startup world, having served as CEO of the music tech company Soundrop (exit to X5 and CD Baby). Prior to Soundrop, he was the Marketing Director at Warner Music in Norway. 

He is passionate about startups, tech, the future of work and how it all ties together in the city of Oslo. Jørn earned his B.A. in Management from BI Norwegian Business School.

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Virginia Vegas
Head of Programs at Angel Challenge

Moderator - Investors Breakfast

Virginia E. Vegas is spaniard living the Norwegian startup dream. 

She is a graduate in Law and Business from Autonomous University of Madrid with previous work experience in Linklaters, Merck and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Inspired by strong female leaders like Federica Mogherini and Christine Lagarde, Virginia believes in the need of more role models to inspire the future generations of young girls and female professionals. 

She is currently working as the Head of Programs at Angel Challenge, helping entrepreneurs fundraise their first round and grow their company as well as promoting best practices on startup investing in the Nordics.

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Anne Solhaug Tutar
Director, Antler Norway

Building the right team for success

Anne is an entrepreneur and startup expert currently managing Antlers operations in Norway. Antlers first cohort in Norway is set to launch in Oslo starting January 2020. At Antler Anne helps founders build teams and scalable business models with a particular focus international scalability and growth. So far Antler has worked with more than 700 entrepreneurs and have invested in more than 90 companies.

Anne’s entrepreneurial background comes from Turkey where she founded the country´s first health food FMCG. After a successful market entry in Turkey, the company expanded into a total of 5 markets spreading from the Middle-East to Europe with customers such as Starbucks and Carrefour.

Anne is a business and finance alumni from UC Berkeley and Copenhagen Business School.

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Åste Einn
Chief Design Officer at Payr

Science over opinion!

Åste is Co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Payr. She has 14 years of experience working on projects where she has held a leading role, from idea and concept development through to deployment. 

In 2017 Åste was the only Norwegian, named one of the leading women in fintech internationally by Innovate Finance, and both in 2018 and 2019 she was named one of the Top 50 Women in Tech in Norway.

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Anders Christian Morthen
Director - Innovation & Services Telenor Norway

Fireside chat

Result oriented and visionary leader with an international career in digital product development and product management. Driven by design thinking, lean and agile practices and long experience of leading digital business development processes in a large organization.

Track record of finding new business opportunities and interested in the entire business and its people - top to bottom. Knows that EBITDA is derived value from interaction between systems and employees, not just effort spent and endless planning and hedging risk. Strong track record for delivering results. High leadership ratings and extraordinary working capacity; focused, structured, holistic and analytical, in addition to high entrepreneurial aspirations.

In depth knowledge about Agile methodology and and how to drive Product Development and Project Execution the lean way. Working with diverse teams have taught me practices, principles and techniques to explore, build and scale products while at the same time grow a culture to support it.

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Hallgeir Knutsen
Partner and Product Manager Reodor

Roadblocks to corporate innovation

Hallgeir has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. In 1999 he established the print music magazine Kingsize, that later moved into the digital sphere. The magazine expanded to Sweden and was eventually sold to Nöyensguiden. He then moved to New York where he founded New York Digital Labs and spent six years developing digital solutions together with some of the worlds leading brands. Hallgeir is currently a partner and product manager in Reodor, helping large companies adopt the mindset and methods of fast moving entrepreneurs.

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Natalie Pilling
CEO EL Passion

7 ways to f**k up your MVP

As the CEO of EL Passion, a digital product house, Natalie manages a team of over 70 professionals from different backgrounds, who develop digital products for startups, small and medium companies and corporations. 

In her free-time she co-founded, a mentorship program for women in tech. 

Prior to EL Passion Natalie served on the management team in travel startup Comtravo and car start-up ClassicFinder. Her experience also includes stops at Siemens Energy and Simon-Kucher & Partners. 

After earning her bachelor’s degree from Warwick University, Natalie graduated from HEC Paris with an MSc in Strategic Management. Natalie is a language geek who can communicate in 7 different languages – 4 of them fluently.

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Ivar Kroghurd
Senior partner Norselab

Cornerstones of a Growth Culture

Ivar is a successful serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience. Among his best-known ventures are QuestBack – that he took from 2 to 300 employees and top tier position in its industry – and AdminControl, by most metrics an equally successful business.Ivar is not your average entrepreneur. 

Over the years, he has developed a clear vision for what it takes to build and sustain a winning team; He continuously demonstrates his dedication to company culture as a competitive advantage throughout the lifetime of a company. 

Ivar has a roadmap for cultures that favor growth, and goes beyond traditional management methods.

Over the years, Ivar has put his cultural acumen at the service of management teams to help them focus on company cultures that promote engagement and growth. 

He is now a Senior Partner at Norselab, playing an active role in giving technology startups a flying start.  

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Kea Zhang
Head of Product/UX Teston

How to make a tailored OKR process that actually works for your company

Kea Zhang is Head of Product/UX at Teston, a startup building a tool that takes all the hassle out of localised user testing.She currently wears many hats, but her main work involves leading the product team and managing product priorities and processes. 

As a part of this, she established OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) early on in the company and has since been iterating on Teston's OKR process to ensure increased alignment, focus, and speed of delivery in the product team. 

Kea has an MA in Psychology and an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction. Her background, combined with a wide range of UX and Product experience in agencies, startups and the corporate world, allows her to see challenges from multiple perspectives while always keeping a human-centred approach. This is something she applies every day, working on what she enjoys most: product, UX, process design, and building a motivated and productive team at Teston.

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Magnus Willumsen
Investment Manager at Viking Venture

Fight churn! Six ways to keep your customers

Magnus works as an Investment Manager at Viking Venture, the Nordic software investor. Viking Venture invests in B2B software companies and help them scale.

Magnus enjoys data-driven problem solving and has helped several companies scale through improving sales processes, aligning price models to customer value, reducing churn, and through bolt-on acquisitions.

Prior to joining Viking Venture, Magnus spent six years in consulting and investment banking.

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Anders Johnsen
CEO Documaster

Using metrics to drive SaaS growth - how to use metrics to get focus and target visibility

Anders worked over a decade for the Norwegian IT-Company Software Innovation with the Document Management products Doculive, Public 360˚ and ProArc, coding and managing the products in R&D and combining that with roles in delivery and sales, ultimately owning the ProArc Business Unit in the company.Anders was the CTO of Software Innovation for 2 years after Tieto acquired the company for 70M€ in 2015.

He has founded and built successful development centers from scratch in India and Eastern Europe and holds profound understanding of software product development processes, co-authoring a publication in the IEEE Software journal in 2012: “Quantifying the Effect of Using Kanban versus Scrum: A Case Study”.

In 2017 Anders began his Documaster journey, and as the company’s CEO his focus is on subscription growth, healthy SaaS metrics and scalability.

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Arne Tonning
Partner at Alliance Venture

Investors Breakfast

Arne Tonning is Partner at Alliance Venture, the leading early-stage tech VC in Norway, filling the roles of investor, non-executive director and advisor. 

Arne is most excited when working with ambitious founders and startups to solve hard problems to build great companies. He spent the last five years as Investor in Residence at Nordic Innovation House (NIH) in Silicon Valley for Innovation Norway, advising and supporting startups in the NIH community and on NIH programs. Arne has management consulting background from CapGemini C4 and has worked for the Norwegian Trade Council in London and as a Research Scientist at SINTEF. He holds BSc and MSc degrees in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University. 

Arne is an experienced speaker and lecturer in settings from Stanford University and Vestlandskonferansen to startup and corporate leadership workshops. 

He is co-hosting the Valley Nordic podcast, covering the topics of startups, technology and culture from Silicon Valley and Nordic perspectives. 

Personal profile on Linkedin, Twitter and Medium. Company profile on Web, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook .

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Karianne Melleby
Director Corporate Partners at StartupLab

Karianne U. Melleby is responsible for building a strong network of corporate partners at StartupLab. The impact coming from closer connections between corporate partners and entrepreneurs is one of the key success factors StartupLab focus on in order to help their members closing their first customer.

Prior to joining StartupLab, Karianne has been hands on in several corporate startups both in DNB and Telenor. Most recently she was heading up the DNB Open Bank initiative, including setting up the organization and defining what “Open Bank” means for DNB.

She has been responsible for accelerating Internet adoption in Telenor markets Based in Thailand, she had the unique opportunity to engage and explore with people across South East Asia.

Karianne is currently member of the Board of Directors in KLP, Norway's largest pension company, and in GC Rieber Salt AS.

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Espen Sundve

Espen is the Chief Product Officer at - where he's rethinking the grocery industry. 

Before that he spent 10 years in Schibsted building digital products and transforming the company; through roles such as CPO/CTO in VG and VP of Product Management across all of Schibsted's media houses. 

With extensive product management experience ranging from execution in small teams to a strategy and team building in large scale organisations he has unique insight into what it takes to build great products and teams.

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